Facts About Soybean Powder

The Functions and Effects of Soybean Powder

Soybean powder has a large amount of fiber, people can supplement the body's fiber after consumption, so as to enhance their resistance and prevent the occurrence of some diseases.


Bean powder contains various vitamins and carbohydrates, all of which can be used to strengthen the body and make it more healthy.


The fat content of soy beans powder is high, but the cholesterol content is very low, and the nutrition it brings to the body is balanced. Soybean powder, because it is made from soybeans, has dietary fibre that also has a laxative effect.

Notes of Drinking Soybean Powder

Instant soybean powder and brown sugar together, will affect the nutritional elements between the two; soybean powder can not be combined with eggs together, the body will produce bad substances.


Infants and toddlers who have not yet drinken complementary foods should not drink instant soya milk powder because some elements contained in soybean powder will affect the development of the baby's body.


When you are on an empty stomach, don't think that drinking instant soya milk powder will bring nutrition to your body, drinking instant soya milk powder on an empty stomach is the worst, not only can you not get the nutrition, but also very easy to consume the nutrition!

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