Soymilk Powder You Don't Know

As we all know, soy milk is a product made from soybeans, which contains rich proteins. Like milk, soy milk contains many minerals and vitamins, but the types are different. Soy milk mainly contains starch and fat acid, without cholesterol, which is beneficial for cardiovascular health.

What is soymilk powder?

Soymilk powder refers to the powdered form of instant drink made from soybeans after being dried, peeled, ground, refined, deodorized, and enzyme-killed, which is healthy, nutritious, and convenient. The soybean drink powder instant has a very long history and is an essential drink for breakfast in terms of taste and nutrition.

What is the difference between soymilk powder and traditional soy milk?

There is no difference in terms of nutrition, but the quality of the raw soybeans determines the nutritional differences between soymilk powder and soy milk. Soy milk products made from high-quality soybeans not only contain high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and other nutrients but also special nutrients such as isoflavones, oligosaccharides, lecithin, and saponin. Compared with hand-made freshly ground soy milk, the industrial production process of soymilk powder has more advantages.

In addition, when choosing soymilk powder, we can also consider whether there are unnecessary additives, taking sugar intake as an example, unsweetened soy milk is healthier. Sweetened soy milk basically contains a large amount of white sugar. If sugar intake exceeds the standard for a long time, the risk of obesity and diabetes increases. In summary, choosing soymilk powder from regular manufacturers is worth purchasing in terms of taste, technology, and quality safety.

The efficacy and role of soymilk powder

  • Soymilk powder is high in nutritional content, including rich vitamin B2, which is beneficial for maintaining the health of the body and mind for skin and hair.

  • Soymilk powder contains a kind of oligosaccharide nutrient, which is critical for human gastrointestinal health. Properly drinking soy milk in daily life can prevent constipation and have the effect of promoting smooth colon passage.

  • Soymilk powder is very high in nutrients such as soy lecithin, which can reduce cholesterol, thereby maintaining good metabolism.

  • Tips for preparing soymilk powder without lumps

As the water temperature during the boiling of soymilk powder is not too high, the soymilk powder we prepare will lump. Therefore, we can pour some clear water into the pot, boil the water, and then pour the soymilk powder into the pot while stirring, so that the prepared soymilk powder will not have lumps, and the taste of the soy milk prepared with boiling water will be more similar.

We can pour the boiled water into the cup first, then pour the soymilk powder and stir while adding warm water, which will not make the soy milk lumpy.

We can also pour the soymilk powder into the shaker, add boiling water, then seal the cup and shake it several times to make it taste better.

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