Introduction of Black Soybean Powder

In Chinese, it is believed that all black foods have the function of nourishing the kidney, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame, black fungus, etc. If you must eat meat, lean pork is relatively the most nourishing for the kidney. In addition, wolfberry, yam Walnuts and walnuts are well-known prescriptions for invigorating the kidney and can be taken for a long time. Black bean powder savors an extraordinary life.

Black beans: they are sweet in taste and flat in nature. Black soybean is a kind of soybean, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates and carotene, vitamin B1, B2, folic acid, folinic acid, riboflavin, vitamin A and carotenoids, niacin and crude fiber, calcium, Phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

1. Black soybean powder is rich in nutrition

Black beans are an effective food for nourishing the kidneys. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, people with kidney deficiency who eat black soybean powder can dispel wind and heat, adjust the middle and lower qi, detoxify and diuretic, and can effectively relieve symptoms such as frequent urination and backache. For young women, black beans also have the effect of beauty and beauty. Black beans are rich in vitamins, among which the B vitamins and E vitamins are the highest. The content of vitamin E is 5 to 7 times higher than that of meat. Vitamin E is a very important It is an anti-oxidant, which can remove free radicals in the body, reduce skin wrinkles, and maintain youth and fitness. It is recorded in the ancient pharmacopoeia that black beans can improve the complexion, improve eyesight, black hair, and make the skin white and tender. Black soybean skin is black and contains anthocyanins, which are a good source of antioxidants, which can remove free radicals in the body, especially in the acidic environment of the stomach, have good antioxidant effects, beautify the skin, and increase gastrointestinal motility. The crude fiber content in black beans is as high as 4%. Regular consumption of black beans can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion and prevent constipation.

2. Black soybean powder is generally made from black soybean powder

Black soybean flour is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements and other nutrients. After eating, it can supplement the body's nutrition. At the same time, it can also strengthen the spleen and kidney, and prevent the body from malnutrition. It is also beneficial to improve the symptoms of physical fatigue, waist and knee weakness, dizziness and headache caused by spleen and kidney deficiency, and is conducive to the gradual improvement and recovery of spleen and kidney functions. It is of greater benefit for supplementing body nutrition and spleen and kidney health. Most of the black soy milk powder can be brewed with boiling water to drink, and can also be eaten by cooking, which is conducive to the body to absorb the nutrients in it, and is also conducive to metabolism, digestion and absorption, and the nutritional value contained in it is relatively high.

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