4 Cold Facts About Soy Milk

Soy milk, known as "plant milk", is said to have originated from the Han Dynasty more than 1,900 years ago when King Liu An of Huainan was researching gunpowder and accidentally made tofu, from which soy milk was derived. Unlike Western cow's milk, soy milk has Chinese characteristics, and even in other Asian countries, few people drink soy milk.

Many people who are lactose intolerant use soy milk as a substitute for cow's milk. Chinese people love to drink a cup of soy milk in the morning, and breakfast shops on the streets of both southern and northern cities in China all provide soy milk. Or people brew their own soy milk with soybean drink powder instant at home. But do you think soymilk powder is made by grinding soybeans into powder? Here are some cool facts about soy milk:

Soymilk powder is not made by grinding soybeans into powder

Soymilk powder can remove phytic acid, protease inhibitors, plant hemagglutinins, and the bean smell in soybeans that are not beneficial for mineral absorption in the human body. At the same time, soymilk powder can strengthen the various nutrients in soybeans. Soy milk made with powdered soy milk is even more nutritious and has a higher protein absorption rate than freshly ground soy milk of equal concentration.

Making soymilk powder is a process of "extracting essence," not just grinding beans into powder. It involves heating and drying, adding nutrients, extracting the water from soy milk, and then turning it into powder. Soymilk powder made by this process has a higher nutritional value and longer shelf life.

This process is completely different from using a soy milk machine to make soy milk at home, which grinds yellow soybeans into powder called soy flour, which tastes bad and has poor texture. Soy milk made with soymilk powder from professional suppliers who offer quality soy milk powder wholesale tastes better and richer, and adds probiotics during the production process, with higher nutrient content.

Why doesn't self-made soy milk compare to soymilk powder?

The difference lies in sugar and water content. Self-made soy milk using a soy milk machine cannot compare to the taste of professionally made soy milk. You need to filter, add sugar and adjust the ratio of water and soybeans through a series of experiments to make soy milk that satisfies you.

But soymilk powder such as organic black soybean powder has already taken nutrition and taste into consideration. Soymilk powder processed by professional machines is finer and more conducive to nutrient absorption in the human body. However, soymilk powder inevitably contains added sugar to make it taste good when brewed.

Who should not drink soymilk powder?

There are several groups of people who should not drink soymilk powder, including those with poor kidney function, cold stomach and poor digestion, and acute gastritis patients. If you experience diarrhea, abdominal pain, or related gout diseases after drinking soy milk, it is also recommended that you not drink soymilk powder.

Who should drink more soymilk powder?

Soymilk powder, especially unsweetened soy milk powder, is rich in plant protein, vitamin B, lecithin, as well as iron, calcium, and other mineral elements. The plant protein in soybeans is high-quality protein, and unsweetened soy milk has low calories and a low fat content, which is friendly to people who are obese, have high blood lipids, or high blood pressure.

Middle-aged and elderly women should drink more soy milk. First, soymilk powder has the effect of preventing Alzheimer's disease. Second, soy milk helps relieve anemia. Third, soy milk can effectively regulate the endocrine system of middle-aged and elderly women, alleviate menopausal symptoms, and fourth, soy milk has the effect of making skin white and moist. Therefore, women over the age of 30 can drink more soymilk powder.

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