Instant Soybean Powder Processing Method and Process

The Description of Soybean Powder

Soybean is one of China's major food crops, soybean products as an alternative to the national staple food commodities gradually enter the consumer vision. Soybean powder is a traditional soybean products, which is rich in protein, isoflavones and other nutrients, and contains the eight essential amino acids necessary for the human body, but soybeans after deodorization, sterilization, spraying and other processes, due to the processing of overheating led to a certain degree of thermal denaturation of proteins, is soybean In the soy protein solubility function is impaired, manifested by low nsi value, poor dispersion, limiting the wide application of soy beans powder in food.

The Processing Method of Soybean Powder

Extrusion technology is a technology that allows for the in-depth processing of cereals, and extrusion technology has been widely used in the food industry for its unique advantages. The application of extrusion technology to the processing of cereals to produce puffed products is a relatively common practice in the food industry. The extrusion process introduces suitable thermal and mechanical energy, making the material starch paste, protein denaturation, and fiber degradation, in the process, pathogenic bacteria are also killed, the material under strong pressure, through the die hole, instantly ejected, the moisture suddenly vaporized, the material finally puffed into porous, crispy products. Extruded products are not easy to return to life, have less loss of nutrients, have good digestibility, easy to store, and other characteristics.


The application of extrusion puffing technology and enzymatic technology is integrated to treat the soya beans and then supplemented with spray drying technology to produce instant soybean powder. Using the advantages of extrusion cooking first net soybean extrusion puffing treatment, then with amylase and glycosidase enzymatic digestion, followed by spray drying technology integrated preparation of soymilk powder, the resulting soymilk powder solubility, taste and flavour but can achieve good results, the soy milk powder wholesale has better palatability, nutrition, digestibility, and absorption and storage resistance. Thus the edible quality of soybeans has been better improved.


This method through the extrusion of puffing, combined with enzymatic technology, not only retains the colour and aroma of soybean products such as soy based cheese and soy milk powder, and increase the solubility of soybean powder, and the technology is easy to operate, for the production of instant soybean powder, in the field of soybean powder processing and the application of industrial development to provide a reference.

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