High-Protein Black Soy Milk Powder Suitable for Women
High-Protein Black Soy Milk Powder Suitable for Women's Consumption

Common soy milk includes yellow soy milk and black soy milk, and black soybeans are more nutritious. Black soybeans are known as the king of beans, ranking first in nutritional value among all beans.

Black soy milk powder nourishes the skin

Black soybeans contain rich vitamins, with the highest levels of vitamins E and B. The content of vitamin E is 5-7 times higher than that of meat, and vitamin E is a very important substance for maintaining youth and beauty. Although the ancients did not know that black soybeans contain more vitamin E, they found through practice that it is a beauty food. Ancient medical books have recorded that black soybeans can improve the complexion, brighten the eyes, prevent whitening of hair, and make the skin tender and fair.

Black soy milk contains more high-quality protein, and is rich in anthocyanins, vitamin E and isoflavones, all of which have antioxidant capabilities that can nourish the skin. Everyone wants to be beautiful, and one cup a day is enough.

Black soy milk powder prevents arteriosclerosis

Black soybeans are a type of soybean that is rich in 18 essential amino acids, especially the eight essential amino acids that the human body needs. Black soy milk also contains 19 essential fatty acids of the human body, which not only satisfies the body's need for fat, but also lowers cholesterol in the blood.

Black soy milk contains unsaturated fats and no cholesterol, and the phytosterols it contains cannot be absorbed and utilized by the human body, but can speed up and promote the excretion of cholesterol in the body, avoid excessive accumulation of cholesterol in the body, and accelerate metabolism, preventing arteriosclerosis.

Black soybeans contain rich melanin that can help the body supplement nutrients and can be used to improve hair loss problems with prolonged consumption.

Black soy milk powder maintains the uterus and ovaries

Estrogen is the best doctor for women, protecting women's skin, blood vessels, bones, lipids, and affecting their psychology and emotions. Soy isoflavones are a type of plant estrogen that can bi-directionally regulate female estrogen, which is very safe and has no side effects. Soy isoflavones are mainly found in soy products such as tofu, soy milk, and other soy products.

Black soy milk contains rich isoflavone estrogen, and drinking more black soy milk is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to supplement estrogen. It can maintain women's uterus and ovaries, and is a good supplement for expectant mothers. Dragon King Foods D02 18% Protein Black Soy Milk Powder (with sugar) is rich in magnesium, calcium, and zinc. It has functions such as preventing vascular diseases and enhancing the immune system of the elderly.