Where Black Beans Originate?

The black seeds of soybeans, also known as scullery beans, black soybeans, horse feed beans, etc., the outer skin black, yellow or green inside, common varieties of green kernel black beans, yellow kernel black beans, constant spring black beans, etc., sex like warm, high temperature, fertility temperature of 18 to 30 degrees, sowing method of reproduction to large and full particles, shiny black colour is better, the following we will take a look at where the black beans originated!

China grows black beans everywhere from the south to the north, and the richness of the variety of resources is the first in the world. At present, China preserves more than 22,000 soybean variety resources, of which 2,980 are Chinese black beans, accounting for 13.2%, mostly distributed in the Yellow River Basin, the main production area for small black beans. Now in Shaanxi and northern Shanxi Loess Plateau areas are still mainly cultivated black small beans, some local farmers call soybeans collectively as black beans, call yellow beans white black beans, black beans called black black beans, it is clear that the local black bean cultivation is extensive and long-standing.

Environment of origin of black beans

Black beans are extremely adaptable to the ecological environment, especially to harsh environments, so they can be grown from the northernmost to the southernmost tip of China, from east to west, whether on dry land, hillocks, slopes, shaded land, or in saline, lower wetlands, or even in mountainous areas at an altitude of 1700 metres. Due to the different ecological environments in different places, such as differences in the length of light, the intensity of light, the length of the frost-free period, the difference in temperature, the fertile or infertile soil and the amount of water content, the difference in the amount of precipitation in different places, etc., many types of varieties have been formed that are adapted to the environment.

Cultivation areas of black beans

The northern soybean region includes xinjiang, gansu, qingmei, ningxia, inner mongolia and northern shaanxi, northern shanxi, northern hebei and northeastern provinces. Cultivation system for 1 year 1 mature, to spring sowing black beans mainly. Although the three northeastern provinces are included in the zone, soybean production is the main focus and the area is very small, with representative varieties such as big grain black, shangzhi black bean and fengcheng medicine black bean. Made from black beans produced in the North East, black soybean powder is nutritious and high in protein, making it a great choice for vegetarians and fitness enthusiasts.

In addition to this, there are other origins such as huaihai soybean area, southern soybean region, southwest china soybean region and south china soybean zone.

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