instant soy milk
instant soy milk

C42 40% Protein Instant Soybean Milk Powder

Loading with various nutrients and and antioxidants, C42 40% Protein Instant Soybean Milk Powder is good for pregnant women, insomniacs, vegetarians and people who want to lose weight and get fit. Find better soybean powder here. 

SPECIFICATION OF C42 40% Protein Instant Soybean Milk Powder

Particle Size (mesh)70---150
Protein (%)≥40
Fat (%)≥15
Total Sugar (%)≤20
Carbohydrate (%)Calculated
Water (%)≤5
Ash (%)≤6.5
Total Acid Content (g/kg)≤10
Trans Fatty Acids (%)0
Solution (%)≥90
Yeast and Mould (cfu/g)≤100
Total Plate Count (cfu/g)≤30000
Coliform (MPN/100g)≤90
Staphylococcus Aureus /25gn=5;c=1;m=100;M=1000
Salmonella/25gn=5;c=0;m=0;M= -
Urease ActivityNegative
ItemsPer 100gNRV%
Energy (kJ)198024%
Protein (%)4267%
Fat (%)24.541%
- Saturated Fat (%)420%
- Trans Fat (%)0--
Carbohydrate (%)258%
- Sugar (%)12--
Dietary Fiber (%)14%
Vitamin E (α-T mg)1286%
Sodium (mg)1256%
Potassium (mg)135068%
Magnesium (mg)10033%
Calcium (mg)8010%
Iron (mg)3.523%
Zinc (mg)213%

C42 40% Protein Instant Soybean Milk Powder Additional Information

C42 40% Protein Instant Soybean Milk Powder Additional Information

  • Shelf life

    12 months.

  • Storage

    Store at cool and ventilated place, well sealed. 

  • Packing Information

    Packaged in kraft bag with PE liner, 20kg/bag.6.Packing Information

Use Of C42 40% Protein Instant Soybean Milk Powder

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