Analysis of Production Techniques and Health Benefits of Soymilk Powder

Soy bean milk powder refers to a powder that is obtained by drying and peeling soybeans, removing the sprouts (low-purine), finely grinding, separating the residue, removing the peculiar smell, and destroying the enzymes, which can be made into instant food or beverage that is healthy, nutritious, and convenient. Soy bean milk powder mainly comes from soybeans, and the production process is simple, which is to make soy milk from soybeans, sterilize, concentrate, and dry. Soybean drink powder instant has been in the market for more than ten years, and the production technology and process are constantly improving. Nowadays, it has surpassed freshly-ground soy milk in terms of nutritional content, taste, and convenience.

Production technology of soy bean milk powder


After the soybeans are peeled, mechanical impurities, dust, soybean germ, and harmful purine alkaloids in the outer skin of the beans are removed, reducing a large number of bacteria and optimizing the flavor of bean flour.

Residue removal

After the soybeans are stripped of the residue, most of the harmful bacteria in the soy milk are removed, and the insoluble crude protein and crude fiber that cannot be absorbed by the human body are separated. The difference between non-degreased and degreased products:

Non-degreased products: They mainly replace the filtering process with homogenization, resulting in a chalky taste. Chalky taste refers to a defect in food, which is caused by the fine particles of the food coating the mouth and throat. The cause of this defect is the retention of some denatured proteins and soybean dregs in the process.

Degreased products: The degreasing process utilizes only about 40% of the essence of soybeans, making protein and unsaturated fatty acids in soybeans more easily absorbed by the human body after processing. It also solves the above-mentioned bad taste and makes the final product smooth and with a pure soybean fragrance.


The ultra-high temperature sterilization, flashing, and deodorization technology can effectively remove the beany odor and bitter taste in soybeans, as well as insect eggs and harmful substances brought into soybeans from soil, making the sterilization effect more thorough and efficient.

Efficacy of soy bean milk powder

Women should drink soy milk mainly and milk as a supplement, can better benefit their health.

  • Organic soy milk powder strengthens the body. Every 100 grams of soy milk contains 4.5 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of carbohydrates, 4.5 grams of phosphorus, 2.5 grams of iron, 2.5 grams of calcium, as well as vitamins, riboflavin, etc., which is beneficial for improving physical fitness.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents diabetes.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents and treats hypertension.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents and treats coronary heart disease.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents stroke.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents cancer.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents bronchitis.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents aging.

  • soy bean milk powder prevents Alzheimer's disease, constipation, obesity, etc.

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