Application of Soybean Powder in Bread

Soybean powder is soy beans powder made from defatted soybeans. Organic soybean powder not only has the characteristics of high soybean protein content and high unsaturated fatty acid content, but also has health benefits such as anti-aging and brain strengthening, and is a food with high nutritional value.

1. The advantages of adding soybean powder to bread

In the flour used in the production of bread, adding an appropriate amount of soybean powder can not only improve the nutritional value of bread, but also improve the storability and quality of bread. After the bread is produced, it is easy to age and lose its characteristic loose and soft taste during storage and sales. If a certain amount of instant soybean drink is added to the flour in advance, due to its good water absorption and oil absorption, the bread produced is not only soft in texture, but also can prevent the aging of the bread and prolong the storage period.

In addition, the quality of bread added with appropriate amount of soybean powder drink can also be improved in the following aspects: ① the bread volume increases; ② the skin color is good; ③ the skin is thin and soft; ④ the flavor becomes better. An important property of wheat flour is that it contains gluten protein, and the formation of gluten during kneading determines the quality of the dough and the volume of the loaf. Soy beans powder like organic soy milk powder does not contain gluten protein, so the addition of soy beans powder to the dough will often affect the formation of gluten, and it has been proved that if organic soy beans powder is added to the flour, it will often affect the formation of gluten.

2. Soy beans powder improves food quality

Practice has proved that if the amount of soybean powder added to the flour does not exceed 3%, there is generally no need to add an additional improver. As long as a little water is added, the volume of the bread will not be reduced. However, if the amount of soybean powder added exceeds 5%, and adding a certain amount of improver, the bread produced will become smaller and the structure will become hard. In order to ensure the quality of bread, some improvers are often added while adding soybean powder, such as adding potassium bromate to 1/100,000 to 3/100,000 by weight of flour (potassium bromate has been banned and can be replaced by oxidants such as Vc), The bread added with 5% soybean powder can have a normal volume. After adding glycolipid or sucrose ester to the wheat flour, and then adding 16% soybean powder, the quality of the produced bread is also satisfactory. In staple bread, the addition of soybean powder can reach 24%. As long as 0.5% of sodium stearate-2-lactate is added at the same time, the adverse effects of soybean powder on bread volume and food grade can also be overcome. The instant soybean powder used in the processing of bread is preferably inactive soy beans powder, and the addition amount of full-fat soy beans powder can be relatively higher than that of defatted soy beans powder.

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