Instant Soybean Powder

Instant Soybean Powder

Instant soybean powder is a healthy raw material for vegetarian food, a high quality source of plant protein and a perfect substitute for milk powder. It provides a healthier source of nutrition for the body. Instant powdered soybean made from organic, non-GMO soybeans by Dragon King Foods is one of the best vegetarian raw materials.

Types Of Instant Soybean Powder In Dragon King

Instant Soybean Milk Powder Ingredients Comparison




Protein (%)



55% soybean and 45% maltose



55% soybean,20% maltose and 25% Cane sugar



60% soybean and 40% maltose



85% soybean and 15% maltose



97% soybean and 3% maltose



100% soybean


Kinako Powder Nutrition Facts

Kinako Powder Nutrition Facts


The protein of the kinako soybean powder is a plant-based protein, and its amino acid composition is similar to that of milk protein. In terms of nutritional value, it can be equivalent to animal protein, and is also the closest to human amino acids in terms of genetic structure, so it is the most nutritious plant protein.

Lecithin High Potency

It is also known as soybean yolk (Soybean yolk). It has the ability to slow down aging, prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent Alzheimer's disease, and protect the liver. Lecithin can enhance the function of the pancreas, repair the pancreatic cells, so that they secrete sufficient insulin, lower blood sugar, is the nutrition of diabetics.


Soybeans contain the most vitamin B, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 and folic acid, as well as a small amount of vitamin E and vitamin A.


Soybean fat content of 18%-20%, is a low-fat food, superior to animal fat, because it does not contain cholesterol. Rich in linoleic acid as well as linoleic acid, which are unsaturated fatty acids, thus making soy has a cholesterol-lowering effect.

How To Make Soya Milk From Soya Powder?

How To Make Soya Milk From Soya Powder?
Instant Soybean Powder
  • Prepare a cup, pour 500-600 ml of 80-90 degree water

  • Add 100 grams of instant soybean powder (the ratio of soybean powder to water can be 1: 5-7 can be)

  • Stir thoroughly until the bean powder is completely dissolved

  • You can add a small amount of sugar before stirring, or like the taste of seasoning

Soybean Milk Powder Health Benefits

  1. Supplementary nutrition: Powdered soya beans are rich in minerals, such as potassium, sodium, iron, and other elements, which can supplement nutrition for the body after being absorbed and utilized by the human body. Can effectively prevent human osteoporosis and iron deficiency anemia.

  2. Improve brain function: The calcium, magnesium, lecithin, and other elements contained in powdered soybean can reduce the death of brain cells, improve the function of brain cells, reduce the blood lipid concentration in cerebral vessels, and improve the blood flow in the brain.

  3. Prevention and treatment of cancer: Soybeans powder is rich in protein, selenium, molybdenum, and other elements, which can inhibit the spread and growth of cancer cells, and has the effect of preventing and treating cancer, especially gastric cancer, intestinal cancer, and breast cancer.

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Instant Soybean Powder FAQs

Can I Drink Soya Bean Everyday?

You can drink powdered soya beans every day. Not only can it replenish the daily protein, but it can also slow down the aging process, replenish calcium, lower cholesterol, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Is Soy Flour The Same As Soya Flour?

Instant soybean powder and soybean meal powder are not the same. Instant soybean powder with water can be directly turned into drinks, and powdered soya beans can be processed into a variety of food products, which can be directly consumed. Soybean flour is ground directly from soybeans into powder, the particles are very coarse and poorly soluble, so it cannot be eaten directly and needs to be processed to make food.

Does Soy Milk Make You Gain Weight?

Drinking soymilk powder does not make you gain weight. Soybean fat is unsaturated fatty acids, does not contain cholesterol, and has the effect of calcium supplementation.

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