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Prime Black Soymilk

Ingredients: Black Soybean, Maltose (Soybean Content >58%)

Two flavors: Original and Sweet

Shelf life: 18 months

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Usage: Add water to the cup, then add instant soymilk powder and stir evenly. A cup of soymilk is ready.

Reminder: This product contains soybeans, please do not consume if allergic to soybeans.

Big Plastic Bag: Net weight 450g, Specs 30g X 15pcs  

Small Plastic Bag: Net weight 150g, Specs 30g X 5pcs

Nutrition Facts
Item   Per 100g   NRV%  
Energy                                               1749KJ  21%
Protein                                    18.5g    31%
Fat                                         11.0g    18%
Trans Fatty Acid                             00
Carbohydrate 59.5g  20%
Dietary fiber    2.0g    8%
Vitamin E                           2.2mg a-TE  16%
Sodium   126mg6%
Potassium   1000mg   50%
Magnesium    105mg    35%
Calcium70mg  9%
Iron                                    2.8mg 19%
Zinc                  1.6mg  11%

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